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HP LaserJet M402dne

Printer Cartridges
HP LaserJet M402dne   NPI777F65

Network Summary


Status: Ready
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
IP Configured By: DHCP
IP Preferred Address Method: DHCP
TFTP Server: Not Specified
DHCP Expiration Time: 00:03:20 (Days:Hours:Minutes)
WINS Server: Not Specified
Preferred DNS Address:
Alternate DNS Address:


Status: Ready
Link-Local Address: FE80::B6B6:86FF:FE77:7F65
Stateless (from Router): 2607:F278:4101:2D:B6B6:86FF:FE77:7F65
Stateful (from DHCPv6): Not Specified
Preferred DNS Address: Not Specified
Alternate DNS Address: Not Specified

Network Identification

Host Name: NPI777F65
Domain Name (IPv4/IPv6):
Domain Name (IPv6 only):
Bonjour Service Name: HP LaserJet M402dn (CRT)
Bonjour Domain Name: NPI777F65.local.
Bonjour Highest Priority Service: IPP Printing

Network Hardware Configuration

Status: Connected
Hardware Address: b4:b6:86:77:7f:65
Link Speed and Duplex Negotiation: Automatic
Link Speed: 1000 Mbps
Duplex: Full
Auto Crossover: Enabled


  Status: Read-Write Access Enabled
  Set Community Name: Not Specified (Defaults to 'public')
  Get Community Name: Not Specified (Defaults to 'public')
  Status: Disabled


Server IP: Not Specified
Server Port: 514
Max Messages Per Minute: 10
Max Message Priority: 7
Facility: LPR
Server Connection Type: UDP

Network Statistics

Total Packets Received: 31786718
Unicast Packets Received: 814296
Bad Packets Received: 0
Framing Errors Received: 0
Total Packets Transmitted: 660916
Unsendable Packets: 0
Transmit Collisions: 0
Transmit Late Collisions: 0
WS-Print Users: 2

Enabled Features

IPv4: Enabled
IPv6: Enabled
DHCP: Enabled
BOOTP: Enabled
AUTOIP: Enabled
TFTP Configuration File: Disabled
Telnet configuration: Disabled
DHCPv6: Enabled
LPD Printing: Enabled
LPD Banner Page Printing: Enabled
FTP Printing: Disabled
9100 Printing: Enabled
Bonjour: Enabled
IPP Printing: Enabled
IPPS Printing: Enabled
AirPrint: Enabled
SLP: Enabled
WS-Discovery: Enabled
WS-Print: Enabled
SNMP: Enabled
Show IP Address: Enabled
LLMNR: Enabled
Syslog: Enabled
Enable DHCPv4 FQDN compliance with RFC 4702: Enabled
ARP-Ping: Disabled


Administrator Password: Specified
Printer Certificate: Installed
CA Certificate: Not Installed
HTTPS Enforcement: Enabled
Access Control List: Enabled
Firewall: Disabled
802.1X Authentication: Disabled
802.1X Encryption Level: Low (DES-56-bit, RC4-128-bit or 3DES-168-bit)
On Authentication Failure: Connect Anyway (802.1X Fail-over)
PJL Security: Disabled
IPP Authentication: Disabled

Google Cloud Print

Status: Not Registered